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Shop Cultura - Yancarlos Jimenez

Words from the artist:

My son is the motivation and driving force for me to create and produce Mexican American cultural artwork/content, My son is on the spectrum high functioning Autism and routine and structure are critical for children who are on the spectrum, reading to my son every night was our way of bonding, one book a night became our routine and part of his home structure. I recall wishing I would find children’s books with our stories or our culture. It was not very long before I embark on my own journey of producing a children’s book focused on very strong visual characters from our community and culture.

Sketching with a ballpoint pen on any surface is second nature to me as far back as I can recall, I’ve been a visual artist since a kid when I was growing up in South Central Los Angeles, I can clearly remember feeling as though I only had two paths in my future, the first was joining my neighbors street gang or joining my second neighbor’s drug dealing business, Luckily for me, my sketches grabbed the attention of very talented graffiti artist in my school and soon my neighborhood, I would spend hours out in the streets on developing my own unique signature style and creative process. Looking back, it seems in one form or other I have avoided life’s hardship with visual arts.