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Ilaments - Lisa Rocha

ilaments is a Latina Jewelry Brand, Founded in 1999 by Lisa Ila Rocha.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Lisa has been designing Jewelry for over a decade, when she saw an opportunity to open her store in South Central in 2000. "I saw a need for Latina Brands to be apart of the General Market". I've incorporated my Mexican & Native American Cultural stories into each jewelry piece.

"I found my love for Designing Jewelry combined with my Cultural History to be my unique niche within the jewelry industry." ilaments Representing a Latina/ Chicana  Fashion Jewelry Aesthetic since the late 90's.

I have always been inspired by my Mexican & Native American cultural stories. My mission was to express my culture thru my designs, when I saw a void within the general market for Latina Designers.

This is the main reason I chose to name my company deriving from My Native American Heritage. It created a unique name "ilaments" and is a marriage of my middle name "ila" which means "one who takes on challenges" and the word "ments" stemming from the word "elements".

Over 20 years, I have also incorporated Healing Jewelry after discovering how my Clairvoyant gifts were helping people intuitively with the Jewelry I was gifting them. I use all my abilities & genius gifts to tell my Story.

Every design incorporates a Native American Philosophy of a misplaced bead. Along with infused prayers & healing intentions.

The misplaced bead represents a Native American belief to walk in beauty and stands for imperfections and reminds us we are not perfect like the creator. I have an immense amount of gratitude for all my jewelry & genius gifts. I'm humbled that the creator has given this skill to me to share with you & the world!

ilaments is sold in Local L.A. Boutiques like Fred Segal, Mi Vida Boutique, ChimMaya Gallery, and Museum such as the Smithsonian, The Autry, The Molaa and Philadelphia Museum, too name a few. Ilaments has also sold Internationally in Tokyo, Japan & Mexico.